Mr. Chambers Assignment:
Assignment: A Westsyde Student Guide to DiscriminationDont Label Me.png


Remember to use at least 3 different resources to do your research - 1 book, two sites, or three different sites or 3 . Every source will have it's own point of view on this topic.
Use the following to type up your brochure:

Commercial Resources to try:(Remember - these are all edited and reviewed by experts):

Canadian Points of View - EBSCO Host
Canadian Reference Centre - EBSCO Host
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
World Book Advanced

Other Online Resources:

II. Definitions of Discrimination:
Discrimination & Harassment - Definitions
Human Rights What is discrimination?
Harassment as a form of discrimination
II. Laws, Policies and Discrimination:
Aboriginal Peoples, Muslims face discrimination most: poll
Canadian Human Rights Commission
Discrimination & Harassment
Discrimination in the Workplace: When it’s Prohibited and When it’s Permitted
III. Examples of Discrimination:
Women file age discrimination complaint against Metro, sample company
Emory apologizes for past discrimination of Jewish students
Discrimination is leading to needless early deaths
Roadmap for Ending Discrimination Against Parents with Disabilities Applauded by Disability Community
Formal complaint laid over gender discrimination in judicial appointments
The currency of racism in Canada
A Webography: The History of Racism in Canada
A blow against racism Student strikes back after being hit, taunted -- and finds himself charged with assault
IV. Opinions about Racism:
Racism in Canada Change and Continuity
Canada’s integration problem is racism, not multiculturalism: study

Avoiding Plagiarism:
When you are making notes for your brochure make sure that you do your best to make this your own work, based on other people's ideas. Do your best to avoid plagiarism. If you are not completely sure what plagiarism is and how to avoid it check out the following site:
Plagiarism - What it is and How to Avoid It