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World Book Online
Encyclopedia of British Columbia
Canadian Encyclopedia Online
Britannica Encyclopedia Online


The Rebellions of 1837-1838
The Rebellions of 1837 and 1838
Rebellions of 1837 and 1838
Rebellions of 1837-1838 - The Quebec History Encyclopedia
Canada: A People's History - The Rebellions of 1837
Canada in the Making: Constitutional History: 1837 - 1839: Rebellion
From Rebellions to Confederation, 1837–1867
Manitoba Historical Society: Rebellion in Upper Canada, 1837
History of Canada Day
Self-Government and Federal Union: 1841-1867
History Home LESSON 18: The Rebellions of 1837

A. Charlottetown Conference:
Towards Confederation The Charlottetown Conference September 1-9, 1864
Charlottetown - Access History Web
Dream of a Nation Parks Canada Archives
Charlottetown Conference of 1864
The Charlettetown Conference - Canada A People's History
Confederation: Charlottetown Conference (Lots of great info on day to day conference details)
Canada in the Making - Constitutional History:1850 - 1867: On the Road to Confederation
Reaction to Conference Proposal
Charlottetown Conference - Britannica
Charlottetown Conference - Canadian Encyclopedia
Bolger's Document Describing the Conference
Description of the Conference
CTV - Conference Crashers
Article from the Morning Chronicle in 1864__
Random House - Charlottetown Conference
Charlottetown Conference
Documents on the Confederation of British North America
Bite Size Canada
Collections Canada - Charlottetown Conference
PEI 2014 - Confederation

Conference Location - Province House, Charlottetown

Province House

Food in 1860's Canada
The Power of Champagne
History of Agriculture in Canada
Transformations in the Production and Distribution of Food 1850-1930
New Brunswick: Agriculture 1860-1910
Food & The Bourgeoisie 1850-1930

Music in 1860's Canada
Music History (Scroll to Victorian Era)
Opera (Scroll to 1830-1918)
Opera in Canada
John Braham
Sheet Music From Canada's Past
Music: 1800-1860 (Warning: Some American Content)
Patriotic Songs
Ethnomusicology of Canada
Calixa Lavallee

Arts & Culture in Confederation Canada
Arts & Culture - 1960s
Canadian Dress
Confederation Political Cartoons

Pastimes in Canada in the Victorian Era
Leisure in Victorian Canada Check out the images too!
Sport in Victorian Times Scroll to: Diffusion Abroad
The Circus Comes to Town

B. Quebec Conference, 1864:

The Québec Conference October 10-27, 1864 - Towards Confederation
The Quebec Conference - AHW
A Country by Consent - Quebec Conference
The Quebec Conference, October 1864
The Quebec Conference - Canada A People's History
Quebec Conference [1864] - Quebec History
The Debate: Confederation Rejected, 1864 - 1869
Newfoundland History First Confederation Talks of Newfoundland With Canada (1864-1869)

C. London Conference - December 1866 - March 1867:
The London Conference - Canada A People's History
The London Conference - Canada History
The London Conference - A People's History
The London Conference December 1866 - March 1867 - Library and Archives Canada


A. General Information:
Building Canada - The Canadian Atlas Online
Dictionary of Canadian Biography Onlinel
Fathers of Confederation - Canada Men Who Negotiated Canadian Confederation
Fathers of Confederation - Historical Narratives of Early Canada
The Northwest Territories - AHW
Manitoba and Riel - Canada History
British Columbia: Canada History
The Fathers of Confederation
Fathers of Confederation - Provincial House National Historic Site of Canada
Confederation - Introduction
BNA ACT 1867
The Great Coalition
Joseph Howe's Opposition
Confederation and Expansion - History of Canada - How Things Work

B. Fathers of Confederation:

Quebec - Provinces and Territories - Confederation
  • George-Etienne Cartier
Sir George-Etienne Cartier - People - Canadian Confederation
George-Etienne Cartier
Sir George-Etienne Cartier, Bart. - The Encyclopedia of Quebec History
George Etienne Cartier - Canada History
  • Alexander T. Galt
Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt - People - Confederation
Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt - Canada's first finance minister
Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt (1817-1893), Railway Promoter, Father of Confederation
Alexander Galt
Alexander Galt - Canada History
  • Thomas D'arcy McGee
Thomas D'Arcy McGee - People - Confederation
Thomas D'Arcy McGee - Canada History
  • Jean-Charles Chapais
Jean-Charles Chapais - People - Confederation
JC Chapais - Canada History
  • Hector L. Langevin
Sir Hector Louis Langevin - People - Canadian Convederation
Hector Langevin - Canada History
  • Sir Etienne-Paschal Tache
Sir Étienne-Paschal Taché - People - Canadian Confederation
Sir Etienne Pascal Tache - Canada History


Ontario - Provinces and Territories - Confederation
  • Sir John A. Macdonald
Canadian Confederation - People - Sir John A. Macdonald
Sir John A. Macdonald
John A. Macdonald - Canada History
First Among Equals: Sir John A. Macdonald
  • George Brown
Canadian Confederation - People - George Brown
George Brown - Canada History
George Brown (November 29, 1818 - May 9, 1880)
History Idol: George Brown
George Brown
George Brown - Canada: a People's History
  • James Cockburn
James Cockburn - People - Canadian Confederation
James Cockburn - Canada History
  • Oliver Mowat
Sir Oliver Mowat - People - Canadian Confederation
Oliver Mowat - Canada History
  • Alexander Campbell
Sir Alexander Campbell - People - Canadian Confederation
Alexander Campbell - Canada History
  • William P. Howland
Sir William Peace Howland - People - Canadian Confederation
  • William McDougall
William McDougall - People - Canadian Confederation
William McDougall, a true Father of Confederation
The Honourable Sir William McDougall, 1869
William McDougal - Canada History


New Brunswick - Provinces and Territories - Canadian Confederation
  • Edward B. Chandler
Edward Barron Chandler - People - Canadian Confederation
Edward Barron Chandler - Canada History
Edward Barron Chandler -
  • John Hamilton Gray
John Hamilton Gray.(1814 - June 5, 1889) - People - Canadian Confederation
  • William H. Steeves
William Henry Steeves - People - Canadian Confederation
William H. Steeves - Canada History
  • Charles Fisher
Charles Fisher - People - Canadian Confederation
Charles Fisher - Canada History
Charles Fisher - Quebec History
  • John M. Johnson
John Mercer Johnson - People - Canadian Confederation
  • Samuel Leonard Tilley
Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley - People - Canadian Confederation
Leonard Tilley
New Brunswick Fathers of Confederation - Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley - People - Confederation for Kids
Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley - Encyclopedia of World Biography
Samuel Tilley - Canada History


Newfoundland and Labrador - Provinces and Territories - Canadian Confederation
The Debate: Confederation Rejected, 1864 - 1869
The Rejection of Confederation with Canada, 1865-1874
Newfoundland and Canada: 1864-1949
  • Frederick B.T. Carter
Sir Frederic Bowker Terrington Carter - People - Canadian Confederation
FBT Carter - Canada History
  • Ambrose Shea
Sir Ambrose Shea - People - Canadian Confederation
Ambrose Shea - Canada History
  • Charles James Fox Bennett
Charles James Fox Bennett - People - Canadian Confederation
  • R.D. Wilmot
Robert Duncan Wilmot - People - Canadian Confederation
  • Peter Mitchell
Peter Mitchell - People - Canadian Confederation
Peter Mitchell - Canada History
  • Edward Whelan
Edward Whelan - People - Canadian Confederation
Edward Whelan - Canada History


Nova Scotia - Provinces and Territories - Canadian Provinces
  • Adams G. Archibald
Sir Adams George Archibald - People - Confederation
Adams Archibald - Canada History
  • William A. Henry
William Alexander Henry - People - Canadian Confederation
William Alexander Henry
  • John W. Ritchie
John William Ritchie - Father of Confederation
  • Robert B. Dickey
Robert Barry Dickey - People - Canadian Confederation
Robert Dickey - Canada History
Robert Barry Dickey
  • Jonathan McCully
Jonathan McCully - People - Canadian Confederation
Jonathan McCully - Father of Confederation
  • Sir Charles Tupper
Sir Charles Tupper - People - Canadian Confederation
Charles Tupper
Charles Tupper - Canada History


Prince Edward Island - Provinces and Territories - Canadian Provinces
  • George H. Coles
George Coles - People - Canadian Confederation
George Coles - Canada History
  • Thomas Heath Haviland
Thomas Heath Haviland - People - Canadian Confederation
  • Edward Palmer
Edward Palmer - People - Canadian Confederation
Edward Palmer - Canada History
  • John Hamilton Gray
John Hamilton Gray - People - Canadian Confederation
John Hamilton Gray - Premiers Gallery
  • Andrew A. Macdonald
Andrew Archibald Macdonald - People - Canadian Confederation
AA Macdonald - Canada History
  • William H. Pope
William Henry Pope - People - Canadian Confederation
W.H. Pope - Canada History
Prince Edward Island - Canada History
Prince Edward Island Joins Confederation 1873l


The Atlas of Canada: Territorial Evolution
Manitoba Joins Confederation: Introduction
Manitoba - Library and Archives Canada
The Birth of Manitoba - Canada in the Making
Alberta & Saskatchewan Created
Alberta and Saskatchewan Map: Canada, 1905 Source Entered Confederation: 1905 - Library and Archives Canada

British Columbia Joins Confederation: Introduction
Entering Confederation - Canada A People's History
British Columbia Confederation: From Colony to Province
British Columbia - Canada History

Northwest Territories
The Northwest Territories Map: Canada, 1870 Copyright/Source Entered Confederation: 1870 - Library and Archives Canada
Yukon Territory Map: Canada, 1898 Source Entered Confederation: 1898 - Library and Archives Canada
Nunavut Entered Confederation: 1999 - Confederation for Kids
Nunavut:Entered Confederation: 1999 - Library and Archives Canada
Nunavut and Confederation - Canada History

Newfoundland Joins Canada
Newfoundland and Canada: 1864-1949
The Tenth Province: Newfoundland joins Canada, 1949
Newfoundland History Newfoundland Joins Canada (1946-1949)
Newfoundland - Canada History
The Life and Times of Pre-Confederation Newfoundland


Entry of Provinces Into Canadian Confederation Dates Provinces and Territories Entered Canadian Confederation
Canadian Confederation Maps - 1667 - 1999
Confederation for Kids