There are many opportunities for people pursuing the field of psychology. Many of
these are listed on pages 18-22 of your textbook. Using these pages as reference, choose 3 and research more information about each. You will use the internet for this research so be sure to cite your sources. You MAY work with a partner for this assignment.

  1. Include a title page
  2. On the first and second information flaps, include the following:
What is Psychology?:

What is Psychology?
What is Psychology? BBC Science: Human Body and Mind

  • What is the difference between psychiatry and clinical psychology?

What's the Difference Between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist?

Psychology vs. Psychiatry: Which Is Better?
Guide to Psychiatry and Counseling
What's the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist?
Psychiatrist vs Psychologist
The Different Types of Psychology

  • How does Psychology help to improve people's lives and promote their welfare?
psychology help.jpg

Psychology Benefits Society — PI’s new blog has launched
How Can Psychology Help You
10 Ways Psychology Can Improve Your Life Practical Ways to Apply Psychology in Everyday Life
Health Psychology Center Presents: What is Health Psychology?

3. On the three remaining flaps you will need to provide one short paragraph for the three careers you have chosen to explore in more depth, including the following:
  • A brief job description in your own words (3-5 sentences)
  • The educational requirements necessary
Becoming a Psychologist
Licensure (Regulation) of the Practice of PsychologyPsychologist Salary Canada
Psychology Degrees Types of Psychology Degrees

Types of Psychology Degrees
  • Anticipated salary
Psychologist Salary Canada
Careers in Psychology
Healthcare Salaries

  • How this field helps society
  • Anything else you found interesting

4. Ensure that your pamphlet has appropriate headings, use of text, appropriate images, and colour. You may design your poster on the computer or you may complete it by hand.


Keep an organized list of sources used for your brochure.
The new copyright laws have given us much more opportunity to use sites and images under the Fair Use policy. The trade off is that we promise to site all images, print, sites, etc. that we use in our research projects.

You need to start by opening up a text document - if you are working in pairs Google Docs would allow each partner to add to the bibliography. Each time you find information from a source use Easybib to put the information in the correct format and then paste the created citation into your Google Doc. Remember that you must arrange all your citations in alphabetical order. If you are not sure how to set a bibliography up properly check the following site: How to Create a Proper Bibliography

Make sure that you avoid plagiarismIf you are not sure how to do this check out the link above.