Socials 9: Regional Geography of North America

I. Instructions:

A. In groups of two (three each for Quebec and Ontario) you are to create a poster of one of the Provinces or Territories in Canada with information about the province or territory you are researching. Only one group will do each area so that there will only be one poster on each area. Check this site out if you would like tips on how to do an attractive poster: How to Design a Poster for School

B. Your poster must have the following main topics:

*Symbol/flag Flag, motto, bird, tree, flower, etc.

*Geography Physical landscape (topography), climate, major cities, rivers, lakes, etc. (with appropriate legends)

*Demography Population, % of Canada's population, population density, ethnic
makeup, % of Canada's land area, total area, etc.

*Economy Major industries and natural resources, gross domestic product,
exports, trading partners, etc.

*Tourism What to do and what to see

C. It is important that you research your province thoroughly so that all the information is presented on your map.

A. Web Resources:
1. Encyclopedias:
The Canadian Encyclopedia Online
World Book Encyclopedia Online
Britannica School Edition
Encyclopedia of British Columbia

2. Online Atlases:
Atlas of Canada
The Canadian Atlas Online
Canada: North America: World Map

3. Other Useful Online Resources:
Canada's Provinces and Territories
Canada: Flags of the World

4. Information about Provinces and Territories:
A. British Columbia:
Geography of British Columbia
British Columbia (Canada) - Flags of the World
British Columbia - Encyclopedia of Canadian Provinces
About BC: British Columbia
Tourism British Columbia
British Columbia: Travel and Tourism Guide
Welcome to British Columbia, Canada - British Columbia Tourism, Travel
British Columbia, Canada

B. Alberta:
Alberta (Canada) - Flags of the World
Alberta - Encyclopedia of Canadian Provinces
Alberta Facts
Explore Alberta
Alberta: Fun in the Sun - Attractions Canada
Discover Alberta
Facts & Information About Alberta
Alberta, Canada - KidZone Geography

C. Saskatchewan:
Saskatchewan (Canada) - Flags of the World
Saskatchewan - Encyclopedia of Canadian Provinces
Geography of Saskatchewan - The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan History and People
About Saskatchewan
Tourism Saskatchewan Canada

D. Manitoba:
Manitoba (Canada) - Flags of the World
Manitoba - Encyclopedia of Canadian Provinces
Travel Manitoba - Tourism Information
Manitoba - Cities and Towns
Manitoba - History
Geography of Manitoba - How Stuff Works

E. Ontario:
Ontario (Canada) - Flags of the World
Ontario - Encyclopedia of Canadian Provinces
Official Website of Ontario Tourism
Ontario Tourism - Trip Advisor
About Ontario
Ontario Geography and Climate
Ontario Facts
About Ontario
Exploring Ontario People & History

F. Quebec:
Quebec (Canada) - Flags of the World
Quebec - Encyclopedia of Canadian Provinces
Quebec Facts -
Province of Quebec - The Quebec History Encyclopedia
Portrait of Qu├ębec Unique in North America

G. New Brunswick:
New Brunswick (Canada) - Flags of the World
New Brunswick - Encyclopedia of Canadian Provinces
New Brunswick Geography
New Brunswick
New Brunswick - Your Canada
New Brunswick - Canadian Tourism Development Corporation
New Brunswick Tourism

H. Nova Scotia:
Nova Scotia (Canada) - Flags of the World
Nova Scotia - The Encyclopedia of Canadian Provinces
Travel to Nova Scotia Canada
Explore Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia - Geography and Climate
Nova Scotia - KidZone Geography
Nova Scotia's Railway Heritage

I. Prince Edward Island:
Prince Edward Island (Canada) - Flags of the World
Prince Edward Island - The Encyclopedia of Canadian Nations
Tourism Prince Edward Island Canada
PEI Online
Things to do in PEI
PEI - Island Information - Geography
PEI Island Information: History of PEI

J. Newfoundland/Labrador:
Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada) - Flags of the World
Newfound and Labrador - Encyclopedia of Canadian Provinces
Newfoundland and Labrador Canada
Newfoundland Labrador Canada: Geography
Newfoundland Geography
Newfound Labrador - KidZone
Introduction: Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland Labrador Canada: History
History of Newfoundland & Labrador Aboriginal History, Colonization and Confederation

K. Yukon Territory:
Yukon (Canada) - Flags of the World
Yukon - Encyclopedia of Canadian Provinces
Yukon: Larger Than Life
Yukon Territory
Yukon Facts
Yukon Territory
Yukon - KidZone Geography
Yukon Territory - Your
Gold Rush History

L. Northwest Territories:
Northwest Territories (Canada) - Flags of the World
The Northwest Territories - Encyclopedia of Canadian Provinces
Northwest Territories Facts
NWT Facts and Information
Northwest Territories (NT) - Facts, Flags and Symbols
Geography - Spectacular Northwest
Northwest Territories - Your
Northwest Territories weather, climate and geography
Historical Timeline
History of the Legislative Assembly
Changing Landscape in the Northwest Territories

M. Nunavut:
Nunavut (Canada) - Flags of the World
Nunavut - Encyclopedia of Canadian Provinces
Nunavut Canada's Newest Territory
Nunavut Tourism
Nunavut - A Canadian Arctic Territory Nunavut Territory - Geography, Government and Travel
Nunavut Geography & Culture
Maps of Nunavut - Flags, Map, Economy, Geography, Culture
Explore Nunavut
Nunavut History